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The hindu religion believes that, when someone dies the soul passes into another body for their next mortal existence, this belief of reincarnation becomes the basis for the foundation of hindu funeral rituals.

We do understand that, the Hindu Funeral Services vary as per the sects and subsects of Hindu communities. We specialise in the hindu funeral sites for the mortal remains and help the family members for the funeral ritual process satisfying the particular sects and subsects.

The funeral services in Hyderabad is always open to taking up any questions related to the specific funeral customs concerning the community and if need be we do consult your spiritual advisor

The Funeral Rites Process

The process of funeral services rituals at Funeral Services in Hyderabad, initiates at the home and the process of cremation takes place at the cremation place after the mortal remains has been moved out of the home post the ritual. 

Pandit Services for last rites 

The pandit’s role to perform the last rites is absolutely necessary and as a part of the funeral ritual services that we engage in, we arrange for the pandit services as a part of the package. The pandit can perform the last rites based on the customs and traditions of the community.

The funeral rites could include the following: 

  • The hindu priest presides over all the hindu funeral sites as he initiates the funeral rites, and leads the family and other mourners to become a part of the funeral rituals.

We are always available

We are always available to the family members with reference to planning and performing the last rites for the mortal remains. The specialised team who performs the hindu funeral rites are available 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year. The specialised team would be able to accomodate with them the necessary materials required for the funeral processes.

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